Wild animals and especially Makaki monkeys are common. There are also snakes on Koh Lanta mostly spotted during green season – if you are lucky! Inform the children to avoid run in high grass.

Banks and ATM

There are hundreds of ATM’s on Lanta for cash withdrawal. If you are looking for a bank you’ll find, Thanachart Bank and Siam Commercial Bank in Saladan, Kasikorn Bank at Southern Lanta Resort’s entrance at Klong Dao Beach and the Thai Government Bank next to Lanta Hideaways office on Long Beach.

Children’s items

Lanta Mart in Saladan carry a limited choice of diapers and baby food in various brands you will also find diapers at 7/11 stores all over Koh Lanta . Baby seats and seat cushions for children in transports can be requested when ordering transfer with mini vans thru Sai Naam Lanta. More information under transfers.


In Thailand it is prohibited by law to sunbathing topless. To walk on the beach in a bikini or swimwear is accepted but show respect. When visiting the village, restaurants or shops, we should dress properly in shorts, t-shirt, sarong or similar.

Drinking water

The risk of getting stomach problems on Koh Lanta is quite low. Ice is produced of drinking water so don’t be afraid to have a chilled drink.

Health Care

The Lanta hospital is situated in the Old Town and Saladan Health Center is open all year. There are nowadays several medical clinics with private doctors along the main road open during high season that co-operate with the International SOS certified hospitals in Trang, Krabi or Phuket.

Internet & WiFi

All villas and apartments rented thru Sai Naam Lanta have fiber installed with private WiFi router. Many restaurants offer free WiFi when you visit as a guest. Thai SIM card with up tp 4G speed can be purchased in Seven Eleven or phone shops on Lanta, don’t forget your passport as you  must register the sim card at purchase.

Local markets

Genuine local markets are found on different locations around Koh Lanta depending on what day. Bring a Thai person with you and learn more!  Open all year.

Usually open between 12-18.

Monday: Klong Dao

Tuesday: Klong Nin

Wednesday: Saladan Bridge

Thursday: Relax bay

Friday: Klong Nin

Saturday: Saladan

Sunday: Old Town*

*(open 08-11)


Mosquitoes are common in Thailand in this part of the world as well and cases of Dengue fever exists now and then. Use mosquito repellents that are available on Koh Lanta and covering clothing to avoid mosquito bites.


In Thailand, you drive on the left side. Unfortunately, there are some traffic accidents every year, even fatal ones! Drinking and driving is not as common today as earlier due to more regular police controls with fines consequently. There is the Lanta Bridge connecting Lanta Yai with Lanta Noi it was ready in 2016.

Boat trips

If you want to go snorkelling, you can go on a four-island-tour which include the Emerald Cave where you swim through a 40-meter S-shaped tunnel to reach the exotic lagoon inside the mountain! Best visibility October-April. Sai Naam can help you book all different tours and they will come to pick you up at your villa/apartment and also take you back after the trip.


You can enter Thailand without a visa if you stay for a maximum of 30 days (this information for Swedish citizens) Then you get a VOA, Visa On Arrival on arrival to the country. Should you stay longer you need to apply for a visa at the Thai Embassy in your country before departure.

Here you can read more about VISA´s for Thailand. https://www.thaiembassy.com/thailand/thailand-tourist-visa.php


Buoys far out in sea alerts the twelve masts with speakers installed thru out the island. Several emergency drills have been made over the years to ensure the system is working and made Lanta a very safe place for eventual future tsunami events.